Time magazine’s September special edition is “Mindfulness.”  It is 96 pages of articles ranging from “Om for Kids,” “Power of A.M. Routines,” to “Mindful Wisdom.”

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Mindfulness has gone mainstream.
At Reef Point Yoga, we believe that health and wellness involves much more than a good sweat. Doctor and author Pamela Peek said, “It’s no longer about how big and strong your biceps muscle is, but how big and strong your spiritual and mental muscle is. It’s a humanization of fitness…”
We believe that.

That is why we are partnering with local artists to bring their art into our studio through chalk and digital projection. We are unique in this – bringing in the visual aspect of mindfulness and combining it with wellness.  

Our featured artist currently on display is Nicolás González. Nicolás describes himself:
“As a first generation Mexican-American who constantly travels to and from Mexico and the United States, I possess both rich cultures within me. Through my dedicated time within the arts and combining both rich cultures, I am consistently trying to develop my own mark and my own voice through my work, to build a better understanding of the constant battle within myself; am I an artist who is narrative, or am I an artist of social practice.”


Reef Point Yoga sponsored a public gallery on Sunday, October 30th to meet Nicolás and enjoy a range of his work that were and still are on display.  In addition we commissioned him to create a mural on our studio concrete wall that we save just for the purpose and inviting local artists to create art as part of the yoga studio itself.  Its truly amazing.


To view all of Nicolás’ work, visit www.nicgnz.com
Take care,
Reef Point Yoga